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Smarter Bike Carrier with Electric Lift

Smarter Bike Carrier with Electric Lift

Marty Bell |

If you are looking for a bike carrier with super ease-of-use and takes the hassle out of lifting, then the Electric Bike Lift by BR-Systems is worth the review.

With an integrated 12V motor and switch (or there is an optional remote control), the Electric Bike Lift system lifts your bikes up and down, can bridge a 110cm height distance, and can be lowered to almost ground level for most motorhomes, or caravans.

Own E-bikes? This product is perfect for lifting and carrying 2 E-bikes, or up to 3 peddle bikes, with 60kg loading capacity.

The BR-Systems Electric Bike Lift is a patented design, definitely the smartest and innovative bike carrier available now in Australia.

We supply this product by OEM to caravan and motorhome manufacturers, after-sales service agents and direct retail to caravanning enthusiasts. For more information, just contact us.