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Electric Bike Lifts

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Get the most out of your mobility and freedom with the electric Bike Lift.

The patented 'Bike Lift' is the smartest and most innovative bike-carrier on the market. Planning to hit the road in your motorhome? Witness the perfect solution for bringing along your bikes and taking them anywhere you want!

  • An integrated 12V motor with switch or remote control (as option) moves the bikes up and down.
  • The platform of the Bike Lift can bridge a 110cm height distance. The bikes can be lowered to almost ground level on most vehicles.
  • No need to lift the bikes yourself. Installing the bikes on the platform is far more comfortable when they are closer to the ground.
  • The maximum load is 60 kg, making it perfectly suitable for 2 E-bikes or 3 standard bikes.
  • The 'Bike Lift' weighs 20 kg.
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